What’s special about the Graduate School

Graduate School Grand Prix

Special Graduate School Grand Prix Concert is conducted with performances by the leading student of each program of study selected during the Program Completion Concert to decide on the Grand Prix Winners.
Scholarship for support of training after completion of the program, as well as right to give a concert at Maeda Hall, are awarded to the winners of the Grand Prix.

A diverse range of concerts in pursuit of quality

Concerts of soloists selected through stringent auditions, presentations of research outcomes, as well as voluntarily planned concerts given by students, along with the “Graduate School Grand Prix Special Concert” given by leading students of each program of study for the Graduate School graduation are also provided. A deepening of musical arts and training of performers that can take on active roles on the international stage are sought by providing opportunities to experience various concerts of high quality.

Special Overseas Assistance

This is a special assistance program awarded to superior students to cover a portion of their expenses for participating in competitions, auditions, seminars and the like overseas.

2015 Concert Tour of Hungary

Momoko Ebina

Musical Instrument of Major: Violin in String Instrument Program
I was given assistance for my one-week concert tour to Hungary by the special overseas assistance program available at Senzoku Gakuen College of Music. Each day of my training I received in Hungary was very stimulating and filled with thrilling experiences for me as I study western music. I was able to learn a great deal through experience about things that can only be acquired in Europe where musicians have actually lived, such as phrasing sensitivities that are based on their culture or environment, as well as how rhythms are felt, or their stance of love from the bottom of their hearts towards musicality. I am very grateful to the program for the opportunity I had, to experience something that would not have been possible in Japan.
Graduated top of class from undergraduate study at Senzoku Gakuen College of Music. Second place at the 18th Choukouhai International Music Competition, fourth place at the 9th Yokohama International Music Competition, selected to compete at the 21st Japan Classical Music Competition and awarded an incentive award at Senzoku Gakuen Junior Competition. Entered Yokohama Music Association New Comer Concert Certified Performer of Special Selection at Senzoku Gakuen and awarded Maeda Memorial Scholarship. Currently studying under Professor Sachika Mizuno.
2014 International Competition Città di Spoleto held in Italy

Urara Kobayashi

Musical Instrument of Major: Piano Program
I participated in the International Piano Competition Città di Spoleto that was held in Italy in October of 2014, where I was awarded the Third Prize Medal. This challenge I undertook full of anxiety from a different language and culture gave me an experience of the kind of tension that cannot be experienced in Japan, and the fact I could overcome the challenge by participating in the competition gave me a significant confidence in myself. Performances by participants from other countries proved to be very unique and stimulating and provided an invaluable experience for me. I do not believe I would have had the courage to participate in an international competition if the special overseas assistance program was not available at Senzoku Gakuen College of Music. I am grateful for having been given such an opportunity.
Graduated from Kunitachi College of Music and progressed to the Graduate School at Senzoku Gakuen College of Music. The Memorial Scholarship was awarded as the leading student while studying at Senzoku Gakuen College of Music. This was combined with the scholarship for domestic and overseas training, which enabled the student to participate in the International Summer Academy of Mozarteum. First Prize at 6th Tokyo Piano Competition during the first year at the Graduate School. Awarded Maeda Music Incentive Award at Senzoku Gakuen College of Music.

Maeda Memorial Scholarship Program

Maeda Memorial Scholarship Program is administered by the University for registered students at the University who are model students that set an example for other students with superior academic performance and good health, and whose attitudes are in accordance with the spirit with which the University was founded.
* Announcement is made in April each year and application briefing is provided.

Maeda Memorial Scholarship

Graduate School Music Research Program (2nd year)
[Number of students awarded] 3 students.
[Amount] JPY100,000
[Eligibility for application] Individuals with superior academic performance who are healthy both in body and mind, who can be a role model for other students.

Maeda Memorial Foreign Student Scholarship

Individuals who intend to study music overseas within one year after graduating or completing a program of graduate or undergraduate (major in Faculty of Music) study.

Maeda Music Incentive Award

Individuals that are registered students in a program of graduate or undergraduate (major in Faculty of Music) study, who have been awarded a prize at a music competition.

Foreign Student Scholarship Program

[Number of students awarded] A ceiling set at 10 students.
[Awarded amount] JPY300,000 *Fund awarded at admission only.
[Eligibility for application] Resident visa status for foreign students studying in Japan. Individuals must be passionate about learning music with superior academic performance, and who are healthy both in body and mind. Academic performance based on entrance examinations and evaluations from individual interviews must be superior. Individuals who may contribute towards improvement of Japanese culture on a global scale, based on their experience of studying in Japan at the University.

Special Lecturers from around the world

Special Lecturers from around the world