Entrance Exam Station Cross Arts

受験ステーション “クロスアーツ”

It All Starts at Senzoku Arts

An exceptionally diverse array of music genres—such as classical music, jazz, musical theater, music design, rock & pops, and Japanese music—intersect at Senzoku Gakuen College of Music. By studying here, you can go beyond your specialized field to inspire others and be inspired, and gain the flexible sensibility required to lead the music world.
The Cross Arts program is designed to prepare you for the college’s entrance exams, supporting and guiding you in your desire to study at Senzoku Gakuen College of Music and the world of Senzoku Arts for high school students or graduates.
There are two courses—the Integrated Selection course and the pre-college course—and which one you pick depends on the type of entrance exam you wish to take. Our instructors offer flexible support to help you gain the techniques, knowledge and basic solfège skills you should acquire before entering Senzoku Gakuen. The abilities you gain can be demonstrated in the proficiency tests, including the progress concert. On-campus concerts take place almost daily and are free to attend to enjoy.
This is your first step in making your dreams an attainable goal and finally into reality. Come join us and start on your path at Senzoku Arts.
Yayoi Mikame President Cross Arts