World Music Course

Research a diverse range of music around the world to create a new world of music.

The World Music Program is a program of study based on a new concept that is different from pre-existing programs. Specialized practical skills lessons have been established (*1) with a diverse range of musical instruments that exceed 20 types in number, based on the interpretation of the “music around the world”. Furthermore, this is a flexible program of study that allows students to learn according to their orientation, by combining two of the special practical skills lessons provided with all programs at the University (*2). Available elective courses for specialization are substantial and versatile. Composite learning that spans across genres nurture keen sensitivity and broad adaptability to nurture students into performers with rich expressive abilities. (*1) Please inquire for details on musical instruments covered by specialized practical skills lessons. (*2) There are specialized practical skills that are outside the scope of the program.

  • A broad range of selections that surpass the boundaries of western music.
  • Music composition, arrangement, recording and the like are learned in a composite manner in addition to specialized practical skills.
  • Single major or multiple majors may be selected to suit the future objectives of each individual student.


Required Courses
  • Single Lesson (50 minutes x 1)
  • Double Lessons (30 minutes x 2)*

    * Selections are available from the specialized practical skills for other programs of study as well (some are excluded)

Elective Courses for Specialization
Some elective courses for specialization for other programs of study are also available.
Elective Courses for Specialization & Liberal Arts Courses (common for all programs)
Access here for details.