Voice Actor/Animation Song Course

Disseminate the cool Japanese culture to the world through voice actors and animation songs

Improve the attractive “voice”, heighten expressive capabilities, and take off into the art culture scene centering on animations that is unique to Japan, and drawing heated attention from around the world, by becoming a voice artist, such as a voice actor or animation song singer. Realizing the dreams of “becoming a voice actor”, “enthusiastically singing animation songs”, “providing skillful narrations” and the like, of students are achieved through the Voice Actor Animation Program.
 A post recording studio dedicated to the program is used as a base to offer practical courses with abundant variations that include vocalization and pronunciation, performance, singing, dance, event production and the like.
 Once admitted, a student is eligible to receive detailed instructions through seminar style classes and private lessons (30 minutes) taught by a team of voice actors and instructors that are leading their fields in the animation song industry. Practical experience is also gained through events for presenting learning outcomes that are conducted at the end of academic terms.
 The realm of activities leads to the front line of the industry even while attending the college through collaboration with 81 productions, actors guild and mouth promotion companies as well as the JSYCC.

  • Private lessons (30 minutes) that can be selected from either voice acting or animation song singing.
  • Practical classes for the three pillars of the curriculum, “performance”, “singing” and “narration” can be freely selected.
  • A collaboration with other programs of study that is only possible at a college of music.


Required Courses
Voice Artist Fundamental Exercises (First Year)
Voice Expression Practical Training I-1 to III-2 (Second to Fourth Year)
AS Studio Work (First Year)
AS Ensemble Practical Training (First to Fourth Year)
Elective Courses for Specialization
Voice Artist Technique Research 1 to 4
Voice Artist Exercises 1-1 to 4-4
Animation Song General Exercises 1 to 4
Voice Ensemble 1 to 4
AS Dance Exercises
Narration Fundamental Exercises
AS Content Production A-1 to A-3
AS Content Production B-1 to B-2
Introduction to Fundamentals of Music
Foundation of Music Analysis Course
Fundamental Theory of Music
AS Solfège
Graduation Research
Elective Courses for Specialization & Liberal Arts Courses (common for all programs)
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