Vocal Music Course

Revolution – Aiming for a New Vocal Music Program –

The Vocal Music Program will be reborn in 2018
Classical elocution proves to be a formidable arsenal, not just for students aiming to become vocalists in the future, but for all individuals pursuing a career in a profession that requires the use of their voice. The Vocal Music Program at the University provides thorough instructions for fundamental studies in singing, primarily for the opera, as well as religious music and chorus instruction methods, while establishing a new class on popular ensembles that will teach students to create beautiful sounds as well, without disrupting the basic vocalization for musical pieces of genres other than classical music. The accurate pronunciation of Japanese and foreign languages, as well as chest control, will heighten the expressive capacity of students, helping them acquire basic capabilities for activities without being bound to any specific genre. Very concentrated rich expressions will be targeted for new courses that will be established as the Active Opera Study, intended to nurture active acting abilities and the expressive abilities of students, while giving them an opportunity to gain experience in stage fabrication and production, along with the Acoustic Musical Study that aims to train students for acoustical expressive stages, while using their vocalization for classical music and the like. Since students play a leading role in all scenes using their voice, they are provided with a place to gain a broad range of training to equip them with abilities to respond to a diverse range of needs corresponding to various eras throughout the ages.

  • Substantial instructions are offered for acquiring proper vocalization and gaining a fundamental ability.
  • The execution of musical expression is enhanced, primarily in three areas, opera, religious music and classical songs.
  • Endeavors to take on other genres, based on the foundation of classical vocalization, are challenged.


Required Courses
Voice Music Research I to IV
Elective Courses for Specialization
  • Fundamental Voice Music Exercises I & II
  • Theater Dance 1 and 2
  • Opera Practical Training 1 & 2
  • Ensemble Practical Training 1 to 3
  • Italian Song Research 1 & 2
  • German Song Research 1 & 2
  • French Song Research 1 & 2
  • New Chamber Opera Study
  • Japanese Song Research 1 & 2
  • Specialized Chorus 1 to 4
  • Piano Practical Skills Phonetics Chorus Instruction Method (including Conducting Methods)
  • Graduation Research
  • New Acoustic Musical Study
  • Graduation Research
Elective Courses for Specialization & Liberal Arts Courses (common for all programs)
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