Percussion Instruments Course

Refining individuality aiming for valuable “tone”

A variety of musical instruments are classified as percussion instruments, since they emit sounds through such movements as “hitting”, “shaking”, “rubbing” and so on. The Percussion Instruments Program at the University does not consider percussion instruments to be merely musical instruments for rhythm or sound effects, but rather, we aim to pursue better tones and more profuse expressions to assist individuals in gaining a responsive ability to deal with a variety of orchestral modes, as well as to heighten their performance capabilities as soloists. Meticulous instructions are provided by the instructors for the program, not just through individualized training but also in ensemble lessons for chamber music, orchestra performances, wind instrument music and the like, to broaden the range of performance while maintaining an independent part in the performances and acquiring a cooperativeness for achieving an overall balance. The program maintains almost 3,000 types of percussion instruments, so students can also broaden their musical perspective merely by being in contact with these instruments.
 A privileged environment with first class instructors passes on an emotional excitement for percussion instruments, as the music leads to an enhanced sensibility and refined techniques that produce “tones” based on sensations felt, but not seen by the eyes. This process shapes an individual into a musician who can flourish as a professional musician or educator, as well as in the social welfare arena.

  • Lessons are provided directly by artists who are actively engaged in performances and at the forefront of their professions with a wide range of musical presentations, encompassing solo to large scale percussion ensemble performances that are imparted to students as they study music from classic to modern genres.
  • Students experience concerts through a variety of organizations including wind instrument music, orchestras, as well as collaborations with other programs of study.
  • Students learn in a top-notch environment that features ethnic musical instruments, as well as a treasure trove of percussion instruments abundant both in number and type.


Required Courses
Percussion Instrument Rendition Research I to IV
Elective Courses for Specialization
  • Percussion Instrument Ensemble 1 to 4
  • Wind Instrument Music Research 1 to 4
  • Orchestra Research 1 & 2
  • Saxophone Orchestra 1 to 4
  • Flute Orchestra 1 to 4
  • British Brass 1 to 4
  • Fanfare Orchestra 1 to 4
  • Chamber Music Research 1 to 4
  • Graduation Research
Elective Courses for Specialization & Liberal Arts Courses (common for all programs)
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Newly established: Master Class for Wind Instrument Music Instructors

“Really love music! Truly love wind instrument music!” If this description fits you, we invite you to pursue your career as a wind instrument music instructor. Senzoku Gakuen College of Music begins a curriculum for acquiring skills, essential to wind instrument instructors, in the academic year 2018, facilitating a learning that encompasses seated performances to marching performances entirely within four years. The skills and techniques required for directing will become a major advantage for individuals seeking to become directors. The most important aspect in pursuing this goal, however, is the “passion”, and a love of music. The “Master Class for Wind Instrument Music Instructors”, established through our desire to “nurture individuals to carry the future of the wind instrument music industry and educate Japan as it continues to evolve”, is about to start.