Mediaarts Course

Learn broadly according to your goals

In this course, students can learn a wide range of techniques necessary for planning, expression, and communication, including scenario creation, web production, and design, in addition to techniques required for video production, such as shooting, editing, and recording. Furthermore, taking advantage of the strength of the college of music, students can deepen your knowledge of music by taking classes in solfège and harmony, etc., and can also learn instrumental performance or composition by taking performance lessons in other courses as a secondary performance lessons.In this way, students are free to build a curriculum that matches the direction you wish to pursue and expand your future possibilities. Visual works becom much more attractive and immpressive by music and sound. In the enriched environment of the college of music, students learn various methods of expression and aim to become professional creators who are active in society.

  • Fusion of video and sound

    One of the features of this course is that students can learn in depth about music and sound, which is necessary for video production. Several recording studios are available on campus, allowing students to gain real-world experience in a wellequipped environment.

  • Pursuing specialization from the third year

    Students can choose classes from three specialized courses, “Special Imaging Equipments Study”, “Color Study”, or “CG Production Study” to enhance their expertise. It is possible to take more than one class.

  • Learning only possible at college of music

    Senzoku Gakuen College of Music offers a wide variety of courses such as wind instruments, dance, musical theater, and many opportunities to produce music videos and promotional videos. Students can participate in the recording of performances held in the college’s concert hall as a presentation of the results of each course as part of a class called “Applied Concert Video Recording” and earn credits.


Required Courses
  • Media Production Study I – IV
Elective Courses for Specialization
  • Film Production Theory I – II
  • Sound Production Theory I – II
  • Media Planning Study I – IV
  • Media Design Study I – IV
  • Animation Study I – IV
  • WEB Production Study I – II
  • Applied Film Production Theory I – II
  • Applied Sound Production Theory I – II
  • WEB Programming
  • Special Imaging Equipments Study I – IV
  • Color Study I – IV
  • CG Production Study I – IV
  • Graduation Study