Dance Course

Learning dance of various genres, such as “jazz”, “street”, “contemporary” and the like

Dance became a required course in junior high school. Active participation by dance specialists is required in various scenes of our daily lives and their real activities is not limited to the field of school education. Sensoku Gakuen College of Music is establishing the very first “Dance Program” at a college of music in Japan. Students study the three genres of “jazz dance”, “street dance” and “contemporary dance” and polish their specialization through practical executions under a team of instructors that are actively engaged in performance at the forefront.  Furthermore, there are also a variety of classes, including those for tap dance, ballet and traditional Japanese dance, and once the teacher training course is completed, a teacher’s license for music can be acquired.  We invite you to study in an environment filled with music, where you can acquire musical sensitivity in addition to the dance skills of the past, based primarily on movements, where you can work toward becoming a dance specialist with an active career in the future.

  • A curriculum centered around practical skills, featuring dance classes, two sessions of which can be taken each day.
  • Learn the creative process of “choreography” from professional choreographers.
  • Opportunities to take part in substantial collaboration with members from other programs of study in addition to semi-annual public dance performances. Practical experience is gained through participation in a large number of performances.


Required Courses
Dance Research
Elective Courses for Specialization
  • Jazz Dance
  • Street Dance
  • Contemporary Dance
  • Ballet
  • Tap Dance
  • Traditional Japanese Dance
  • Body Conditioning
  • Rhythmic
  • Dance History
  • Singing Class
  • Rhythm Training
  • Creative Study (Choreography)
  • English Conversation Course
  • Anatomy
  • Kinesiology
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Nutrition
  • Graduation Research
Elective Courses for Specialization & Liberal Arts Courses (common for all programs)
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