What's special about the Graduate School

Research guidance system

In order to provide a complete guidance system that meets the needs of each individual graduate student's research, the Graduate School assigns research supervisors and teaching assistants based on the subject of study and the number of students.

The dean selects one teaching assistant for each course to provide detailed guidance on the classes each student should take based on their individual research topics and capabilities.

This makes it possible for students to go beyond their majors and put together a free and flexible curriculum that helps fulfill each research task while keeping professional special research as the main focus.
* Professional special research = Research teaching assistants supplement the lessons provided by our world-class faculty according to each graduate student's research topic. The university's unique practical lessons, with a focus on ensembles.

By providing a first-class education, this system makes it truly possible for graduate students receive the advanced guidance necessary to become music professionals.

A liberal curriculum

We have put in place a curriculum where students can receive an education from a faculty made up of professors who are active both in their own fields of study and in other fields as well. Lessons in the various instruments form a firm foundation for future study, after which each student has a high degree of freedom to choose his or her curriculum going forward. Students who want to take part in competition can take courses geared towards competitions while students who wish to join an orchestra in future can pursue Orchestral Studies to their hearts' content. The aim is to have a curriculum that allows students to take individually-tailored routes in the pursuit of their research goals.

We have a system that lets everyone do what they do want to do and go as far as they want in search of their goals - that's the Senzoku style.

A Message from Chair of the Graduate School

Masako Yoshitake, Dean of the Graduate School<

Masako Yoshitake, Dean of the Graduate School

Cultivating musical expression and becoming self-challenging musicians.
At a graduate school for music, it is essential for students to narrow their focus from a broad field of view to concentrate on mastering the depths of a specialty while simultaneously establishing an individual style of musical expression through constant practice.

The Senzoku Gakuen Graduate School provides lessons from a world-class faculty, offering a rich environment where students can devote themselves to their studies. Students gain experience not only through solo performances but also by taking part in ensembles and various types of concerts.

I want students to possess strong, unflinching conviction as they tackle the challenges they face on the way to achieving their personal goals.

Through the excellent skills they cultivate by studying at the Graduate School, I expect students to develop a sense of purpose as they mature into the next generation of musical talents.

I hope they will show their creativity to the world through art and culture as they take their talents onto the global stage.

One-Year Postgraduate Course for Music

About One-Year Postgraduate Course for Music

For your future a year from now
One-Year Postgraduate Course for Music last one year and are designed to allow graduates to take their studies further by building upon the foundations they laid at the undergraduate level. Each course helps students prepare in a concrete fashion for their future lives once they finish researching and studying in their chosen field. There are nine courses available: composition, music education, piano, organ, electric organ, wind instruments, string instruments, percussion instruments and music.