Four Majors

In Senzoku Gakuen Graduate School courses, students research the theory and applications of art, master its mysteries, and obtain the research skills or sophisticated expertise needed to succeed in their chosen majors and fields of study. Additionally, as based on the school's mission statement, the graduate school aims to contribute to the development and improvement of culture by raising the next generation of cultural creators - talented people with rich personalities and an international focus.

Four Majors

The Graduate School offers Masters in four majors: Instrumental Music, Vocal Music, Music Education and Composition.

Instrument Major Piano|organ|wind instruments|string instruments|percussion instruments|electric organs|traditional Japanese musical instruments

The Instrumental Music major features a liberal curriculum that lets students learn a great variety of advanced material, from solos to ensembles. The specialized education provided has a heavy focus on actual musical performance. Through this training, students aim to fulfill their individual research objectives and eventually be recognized by society as full-fledged performing musicians and teachers

Vocal Music Major

The aim of the Vocal Music major is to first confirm each student's research goals and topics and to obtain a firm grasp of their individual personalities and characteristics, followed by the process of developing them into expressive performers with high appeal on the stage. The major also aims to raise individuals who can put the skills they learn at Senzoku to use not only on the stage but also in the world at large.

Music Education Major

The Music Education major provides theoretical and practical high-level guidance based on a curriculum designed to develop deep logical thinking and practical guidance skills related to music and education. It also strengthens students' understanding of and ability to interpret various types of music. Through this Senzoku aims to train leaders who can be involved in music in various educational institutions and regional communities.

Composition Major

The aim of this course is to help students attain advanced compositional techniques through mastering penmanship and improving their abilities to analyze scores. Through this the course aims to raise talented musicians who can create music filled with true creativity.

Music and Acoustic Design
The aim of this course is provide what most general colleges of music lack: effective guidance in the high-level techniques needed to create music that meets the needs of society as a professional music composer. In particular there is a specialized curriculum covering the skills needed to compose film music. It involves direct lessons from a successful film music composer once a week, enabling students to learn practical, real-life techniques.