Course Introduction

Voice acting and anime song course

Voice acting and anime song course

This course invites students to spread their wings and increase the appeal and expressiveness of their voices in an artistic culture unique to Japan that is centered around animation, and is currently gathering intense attention from all around the world. In this course, you will gain expressiveness, with your voice as the core, while learning singing, narration, vocalization, pronunciation, recitation, and acting, from multiple angles.

Additionally, in this course you will be able to learn a wide variety of subjects, such as dance performance and web content creation that makes use of your personal expressiveness.

Aim to become a vocal artist active in the voice acting and anime song world by gaining proficient abilities and flexible responsiveness, while making full use of a varied curriculum that is characteristic of a university.

Varied curriculum

In addition to training and lessons related to the cultivation of the foundations of acting and singing and the cultivation of presentation abilities, you can choose to study from the following various types of related courses.

  • Dance and performance
  • Voice training
  • Content creation
  • Event creation

Announcement of results

Voice acting
Stage performance
Anime song artist
Concerts and live performances
Self-production that makes use of computers and the Internet to access a varied curriculum that has your voice as the core

Complete facilities

  • Recording studio(Black Hole)
    Professionally specified control room and multi-booths, Fully equipped with SSL 48 channel mixer and digital editing table
  • Dubbing studio used for our new course
    Fully equipped with practice booths, a control room, and equipment for recording and editing voice dubbing and vocals.
  • Dance studio
  • Room for voice training lessons